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It is widely accepted that by far the cheapest and most efficient way to tackle the threats posed
by INS is to prevent them from becoming established in the first place. With limited resources available to manage these species we need to focus our efforts on those that are, or have the potential to become, the most damaging.

To help us develop an accurate, impartial and evidence-based list of INS that are of greatest concern in the RINSE area we called upon the skills of Dr Belinda Gallardo and Dr Alexandra
Zieritz, who are part of Dr David Aldridge’s research team at the University of Cambridge. It was hoped that the development of such a list would help the RINSE project, and other organisations within the RINSE area, to target their resources more appropriately. This Report presents the key findings of their Horizon scanning and Prioritisation exercise.

The full Report, including supporting appendices and a more detailed analysis of the results, can be found on the RINSE website; www.rinse-europe.eu.