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Welcome to the second newsletter of the Arch-Manche project. Over the last few months the partners from the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands have been analysing archaeological, palaeoenvironmental, and coastal heritage data, along with artistic representations of the coast.

After a season of fieldwork in 2012 all the partners had a large amount of information to analyse and interpret, from ancient fishtraps, to submerged prehistoric landscapes. Alongside desk based research, this information is now being assessed for its potential to inform on coastal change. In order to do this a heritage ranking system has been developed, this scores the data based on the information it can tell us, such as sea-level change or environmental change.

The team have also continued to collect images, including paintings, historic maps and charts, historic photos and postcards. Ranking systems are being developed by the project partners in order to evaluate these resources based on reliability and how much they can tell us about coastal change.